Monday, January 28, 2013

Age 17

Looking at myself everyday getting ready for school in the morning is almost rewarding. I have started to take care of myself, I started CrossFit (so motivational and comforting) and I look at myself and smile.

I look at myself and smile because of the progress and how I've stuck with it. I am currently doing a project for a class on body image in teens. So I googled "body image in teens" and I came across your blog. This is so amazing that you started this - I am so inspired.

Thank you for starting this.

I’m sure it has made so many girls feel confident about themselves and I’m happy you started it.

I am 17 years old, under a lot of stress trying to finish high school and get into college.

I am going to college for personal training and nutrition. I weigh 170 and am so proud of myself.

I have hips, a large butt and a small bust. I love my body and your blog made me realize how important it is.

Thank you and I hope you see this someday and smile.